Roster Information and Disclaimer

The State of Hawaii Office of Language Access (OLA) maintains this online Roster of Spoken Language Interpreters and Translators pursuant to Act 217 Session Laws Hawaii 2013, and as codified in Hawaii Revised Statutes 321C-6(8). The Roster is designed for use by state and state-funded agencies, as well as by private businesses and the general public.

State and state-funded agencies are required, under Hawaii’s Language Access law (HRS 321C- 3) to “take reasonable steps to ensure meaningful access to services, programs, and activities by limited English proficient (LEP) persons” and to provide “competent, timely oral language services” to the LEP public; as well as written translations of vital documents. Please see Hawaii’s Language Access Law here:

Agencies receiving federal funds have similar obligations under federal law. More information on federal language access law can be found at

The Roster can be searched to show the names, languages, contact information, geographic area, subject matter expertise, and relevant credentials of the spoken language interpreters and translators who have applied to be listed on the Roster.

This Roster lists only Spoken Language Interpreters. For Sign Language Interpreters, refer to the Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB) website at: Under 'Communication Access Providers' - click on 'Sign Language Interpreters'.

A language service provider’s decision to be on this Roster is wholly voluntary. The information provided by each interpreter and translator and reflected in the Roster is self-reported and has NOT been verified by OLA. At this time, an interpreter or translator need not show any proof of their qualifications to be included on the Roster. Inclusion on the Roster is NOT evidence of being a "certified" interpreter or translator, therefore, before hiring an interpreter or translator, consider verifying the reported qualifications and determining whether the interpreter or translator adequately meets your needs.

Language service providers set their own prices. OLA does not monitor pricing arrangements. These arrangements must be made directly between the agency and the interpreter or translation service provider.

OLA is not liable for any errors or omissions in the interpretation or translation provided.

State and state-funded agencies must follow any required or applicable procurement policy; and are also encouraged to verify the qualifications of any interpreter or translator they choose to do business with.

Those seeking the services of an interpreter or translator might also consider using a language service agency that is registered to do business in the State of Hawaii - listed here

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